Writing Goes Beyond Writing Things Down

How can one communicate an idea in such a way that is simple, clear and easy to understand

Yes my topic is about “writing”. Writing is a lot of things. Personally, its a form of expression. I’ve never really been a fan of writing, didnt pay much attention to my tenses , didn’t care about what anyone thought about how my answers were written. Until recently, I started to write my first book and now I’m realizing how challenging and interesting writing is. My respect for bestselling authors have tripled over the years, how can one communicate an idea in such a way that is simple, clear and easy to understand? I think its phenomenal, I think its a remarkable super power. Writing requires lots of discipline, consistency and grittiness, sometimes will power and a constant re-assurance of one self, because there are days you wouldn’t believe in yourself and why should anyone else. You can’t stop wondering why anyone should be obliged to read your book. This can mess with ones confidence.

‘’ So basically, writing goes beyond just writing things down. Its an experience that changes you and your thought process over time’’

 You begin to put your self in other people’s shoes asking questions like “ am I communicating well?” “ am I reaching my target audience?’ “ do I sound convincing enough” “ are my words graceful enough ?” and the list is endless.

 I listen to amazing authors like Cindy Trimms, Myles Munroe, Michelle Obama, Cal Newport just to mention a few, and these people are bestselling authors who as it were have to a great extent mastered the art of writing and capturing the attention of their readers and I cannot help but wonder how they got to that point where they become so confident to write multiple books. The author of ‘The Outliers” Maxwell Gladwell, emphasizes the power of the 10,000 hour rule. Does this mean one has to have practiced writing for so many years before becoming a Best Seller? 

I was opportune to attend a book launch by one of my friends Ibukun Tunbi and it was a really emotional one. She launched a five in one fictional book and they were absolutely beautiful. The best part for me was when she talked about her journey to birthing the five books , the times she had break throughs and also when she had brain freezes for several weeks but she eventually pushed through to the delivery. Honestly it was inspiring for me personally and I was encouraged in my personal journey to completing my first book. I love when people are open about their struggles, challenges, highs and lows ; i believe it encourages the next person to feel less pressured and more motivated. It shows that even best sellers are human as well that have struggles but manages to overcome them.

Writing is beautiful and anyone can write.

Written by Mariam Yekinni

Mariam Yekinni is a Physiotherapist by profession, a photographer, an advocate for the boy-child and a creative.

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