What Would You Rather Do ?

Written by Mariam Yekini

This is one question that is simple yet powerful. It sounds like a harmless question and yes it  absolutely is. This question has changed my life in no small way.

There are couple of ways it can be interpreted:

What would you rather do ?- do you have a better option ?

What would you rather do – are you absolutely sure this is the only way to go about this ?

This question makes you look within and have deep conversations with yourself. Conversations that are not comfortable to have yet cannot be avoided.

It observes your decision through a litmus test , it also checks if your choice would stand the fire test.

Personally, If I’m about to make a major life decision ; in other to be sure its the right call that I won’t regret later, I pass it through this test and so far it has been really helpful.

Lots of people make decisions without putting into consideration consequences attached to being wrong. Most of the time, mistakes can be avoided especially when there are examples around us but we just choose to turn a blind eye to it.

I was watching a documentary the other day of a Black American couple who robbed a bank because they were trying to earn a living for themselves and their children, even though they had a legitimate business to their names, it just wasn’t making enough profit. Anyways they were caught and sentenced to jail, the wife was given a shorter jail term while the husband was sentenced to 60 years. He was in jail till all his sons became adults. He was later released after two decades but he had missed out on the major part of his children’s life, and may be he would catch up with his wife but she had also grown to be an entirely different person. The situation she brought upon herself as a result of the bad decision had changed her, she had to retrace her steps, had to ask for forgiveness from her children, her mother, some of the people that worked in the bank they robbed and luckily she became a strong voice in her generation; she raised her sons into great men with very bright future, and she stopped at nothing till her husband was released from jail.

Even though it turned out beautiful in the end, some Prisoners didn’t get that lucky, some died in jail. The point is, there are myriads of decisions to make in life with a million and one choices to choose from. You have to put in mind there is always a way and it doesn’t have to be terrible or illegitimate. This way is accessible to whomever whenever.

What would you rather do ? is what I ask myself when I’m overwhelmed and about giving up on an already agreed plan when I think of the amount of work and dedication required from me. This question gives me reasons to keep going because it reveals my reason for getting into that pathway in the first place.

I know once in a while, we find ourselves in tough places as adults where half the time we are not sure If we are making the best decisions for our future , honestly it can be exasperating especially because no one else can make those decisions for you. You are faced with dilemma. I believe whenever you find yourself in that place , one question you can ask yourself is

“ what would I rather do “?

This would help you look within to sieve out other things that won’t matter years from now. I therefore conclude by saying 

‘’what would you rather do with this information” ?

Mariam Yekinni is a Physiotherapist by profession, a photographer, a writer, an advocate for the boy-child and a creative.

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