What We Did Before We Got Pregnant [Dear Preggo 2]

The change concept of Pregnancy has always fascinated me .  Particularly, how the body just begins to accommodate the precious cargo within , is nothing but a Miracle.

A woman’s physique in relation to pregnancy  is not just what we see on the outside . It’s a whole lot more than we can see with our eyes .

The truth is this ; pregnancy  comes with changes  for most women , sometimes really drastic ones(some of which never totally disappear) And it requires conscious and intentional  preparation ; MIND and BODY .

For every journey in life , I would say that preparation should begin from the mind  and this is not different when it comes to the journey to and through pregnancy .  And we do this by getting information on the subject in question . 

When I got married , we had agreed to wait a while before trying for conception( You know how young couples would say they want to enjoy each other before the kids arrive but for us it was that and more. (Story for another day) . So when the time came for us to start trying I(we) started preparing my(our) mind(s) with books, videos , and articles online.  This is how you gather mental  strength for the journey ahead .

So nothing really took me by surprise, this doesn’t  mean that it was smooth sailing… because it wasn’t! But I believe I might have had it tougher if I didn’t  have a peek into what to expect . 

I experienced nausea for almost 7months into my first pregnancy(this is a topic for another day).I had skin tags in funny places on my body , that disappeared after delivery (Thank God!!!) and other things .

So many things may try to overwhelm you but when you don’t have a clue it could be frustrating. So if you are trying for conception or you  are already pregnant, It would do you a lot of good to search out information that could help you through the process.  This would help you ask your medical practitioner the right questions and it will also help you understand the conversations your doctor or midwife may have with you through out your journey. 

A prepared mind leads  inevitably to a prepared Body. There would be changes however severe or mild they may be . 

So take time out to equip your mind no matter the phase you are, whether BEFORE,DURING or AFTER. Getting information most times helps to lighten the load that total ignorance can cause.  

In my case, the knowledge I got helped me cope with nausea/ morning sickness, cravings and so on. It increased my excitement (positively) and made me so expectant in every trimester, so much that I was waiting to feel my baby’s movements from my 12th week in pregnancy (laughs) I counted down to every development. The period of  Pregnancy in a woman’s life is such an amazing time, and you can enjoy it even with the changes that you may need to endure 😀.  


Iniobong Adesanya was born on the 13th of December,1981.

She is a graduate of the Lagos State University (LASU). 

From a young age she has always been interested in pregnancy and infants. Over the years her passion for pregnancy has grown. she started an Instagram page that talks solely about pregnancy(the before, during and after ). She is a wife and a mother to three( 3) beautiful children.

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