We Don’t Win Elections On Social Media

‘We want change’.

‘We want a new Nigeria’.

‘Our politicians are terrible’.

‘Our politicians are evil’.

‘Can you imagine what they did in Venka state? what are we going to do? We are going to drag them’.

It’s all talks on social media. Content creators are creating politically correct content for people to watch and be sensitized but do they have PVC? We emphasize the need to get PVC and we are the same ones without PVC. We are only making noise on social media but we are not ready to make a move. Let’s not forget that elections are not won on social media. Elections are won at the polls but we must be very aware that there’s no magic anywhere. We must make must put forth our words with action.

The only way forward to kick these old hags out is to make sure that we collaborate in putting them, all of them away. We cannot win elections by dragging them on social media because whether we drag them or not, they know better and they do not care! Which means we should collectively get registered and determine to go out to vote, speaking English is not enough.

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