Walking On Red Lines [Valentine Series: Part 5]

CatOldDirtyCurtis is from San Jose, California. Her boyfriend lives almost 6000 miles away in Novi Sad; The second largest city in Serbia. But that’s not the only unusual thing about their relationship: they met in the most unlikely of places; a ‘small and close knit malware research and removal website’. At that point, CatOldDirtyCurtis didn’t know much about the man who would eventually become her boyfriend, other than he spoke impeccable English, and others on the forum teased him for being a Serb.

Summertime last year, they were talking in a chatroom on the website, and the topic turned to music; something many traditional couples bond over.

We found out we both liked Pink Floyd a lot. We shared links to music in chat, and I thought not much of it. A few days later, he sent me a guitar cover over Skype of a Pink Floyd song he’d recorded for me. We talked a lot that evening, and did the next day, and the next, and the next. He stayed up all hours of the night to talk to me.

They took things slow at first, but eventually their feelings for each other became too strong to deny.

I started to really crush hard on him after about a month of talking, in which I sent him Oreos, and he sent me his personal deluxe copy of Dark Side of the Moon, along with a sweet little note. […] We fell in love pretty quickly, and just seem to be pretty perfect for each other. We get along like we have with no one else, and have most of the same likes and dislikes. We just…fit.

Since then, they’re looking to close the distance, and are working out who will be the one to immigrate. CatOldDirtyCurtis worries she won’t be able to master Serbian to make the move out there permanently. Her boyfriend, Dejan, speaks perfect English but isn’t too keen to move to the US. He’s not a fan of the culture.
But until then, they’re managing. The distance is hard, but they’ve managed to the spark alive in their relationship.

I honestly would be lying if I said that the distance is horribly difficult. It’s not really. We crave being near each other, but also have incredible patience. We use Viber to chat and call, and use Skype for video chatting. We watch movies and TV shows together by downloading them and syncing the video. We don’t have Skype sex like I’ve heard a lot of people mention, but we send pictures back and forth. They’re both kind of just PG-13 (or maybe even R) because we both want to wait.

culled from makeuseof.com

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