Walking On Red Lines: [Valentine Series: Part 3]

We will get married, just a little more time for me to gather some money, travel to Canada and come back for you.

It sounded so much like a good plan for us. As a Nurse, I wanted to move abroad for more studies and money and he being a tech bro, it sounded like what we could pull off. Sometimes I feel like he jazzed me into believing in him but as they say, Love can be all over the place. I thought to myself, what could have happened to us in 6months? No idea!

Kenneth had left the shores of this country and in less than 6months, the connection started to dwindle. At first, I thought it was work, as a student doing his PHD it can be demanding, and all that comes with adjusting to abroad life. Well, I thought so for two months till it never changed. I have friends abroad now and it wasn’t that bad; reach out.

‘Ken, what is happening, you hardly want to send me chats or respond to calls’

‘Ore, this place is busy now? stop being unreasonable. You will soon be here and understand what I am saying’

So, Nigeria is not busy? oh well. I will chill and stop being unreasonable. I continued with life here as a girl with her boo ‘in the abroad’, chasing men away. In fact, may I inform you that the period Kenneth left, it was like an influx of men, good men and very kind men but as a good girlfriend, I didn’t want to believe that I will be heartbroken. I felt Ken would keep his word.

My dears, It ended in tears! I received good breakfast.

On that Saturday morning, six months after he left Nigeria, he sent me a message on WhatsApp that it’s important that we talked. Canada’s time zone is different from ours so you can imagine my poor self staying up to receive a shocker! Ore, this has nothing to do with you but with me. It is all on me. I think we need to end this so that we can both concentrate on the future.

I don’t understand? what happened to our plans? our future? what is the meaning of it is not me, it is about you? what about the money I raised for you to leave here? what will happen? I asked all the questions but you know what he said to me? I will refund the money. I will send you everything.

I cried silly that night but collected back my money! I took the money back and moved on. Thankfully, I passed my exams and moved to Canada, met a good guy and we started talking.

He’s mixed race, he loves God, we gel correctly. We kicked off the relationship after few months of friendship and it’s been bliss. This is not the gist.

The gist is this, on my birthday, I posted a picture on Instagram with my new friends and my new found love whom I am crazy about, after a year and half of staying off the gram. Tell why! My ex, that Kenneth of a man would enter my DM and ask for a meeting. A meeting? [lol]

Oh, because I am in Canada, you have seen fine babe, well taken care of by a good man, all of a sudden you want a meeting?

Hey darling, I called my man to show him Ken’s message. Chris, he is asking to meet with me after how many years? It is almost two years he did that rubbish.

‘How about we call him to dinner?’ what do you think?


Hello Ken,

Hey Babe…

I am not your babe, you know my name.

Okay, I am sorry Ore.

So, I am thinking I should invite you to dinner? what do you think?

Of course, I will be glad to attend.

Okay… deal.

I ended the phone call with Chris listening to the conversation. We laughed out loud.

You know what? It’s his guts for me! His guts.

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