Walking On Red Lines [Valentine Series: Part 2]

My name is Sharon Ogundipe now Sharon Ogundipe-Davis.

I met my husband Mr. Davis three years ago. We became friends for a while and started dating. Davis told me what he wanted from the start. He knew he would marry me and we started off on that track. It wasn’t easy to keep still cos I really love him, I have never liked a man the way I liked him and the way he makes falling in love with him easy, is something extraordinary. I got married two weeks ago and for over 27yrs of my life, I had not slept with any man.

When I started dating my husband, we spoke about boundaries as usual and he wanted me to keep it till I wanted it out. So, he was willing to wait till our wedding night. There was a day we got into a conversation about how that night was gonna be and he painted so many images that almost turned me on but something very significant happened three days to our wedding. I almost had sexual intimacy, like seriously? three days to the wedding, after waiting for over two years?

We needed to put some finishing touches on some of the things we planned for the wedding. So, we had to meet and after a very tiring meeting, he drove me to his place to sleep cos I had already started sleeping in the car. He carried me inside and I just slept off like that. Later on, when I woke up, He was beside me giving me all the TLC. I just got carried away in love and excitement, like, it is finally happening, we are getting married Yo! So, he kissed me, and I kissed back, it was a rollercoaster of emotions.

I am a virgin not a child. I know all of these things cos I should know. I have read books and I’ve attended classes. In fact, we both attended a pre-marital class before we got married. He needed to know how to handle me on that night being my first and I also had to learn some techniques and those techniques were running through my head.

I needed it. I wanted it. all care gone. all sanity removed. I just wanted to have him under my skin. He started to speak sense… babe, no, I cannot. Okay, let us stop’ I didn’t want to respond cos the passion had carried me away. He jerked out of the bed, and I ran out of the bed into the bathroom and locked myself in there. He got the message. He wore his clothes and went out.

When I heard the door open, I came out of the bathroom, wore my clothes and went into the living room. He was seated there waiting for me, ‘Sharon, I didn’t mean to embarrass you now? I know how you feel but we have waited this long, let us just wait till the end sweetie’ He got up, pulled me over and hugged me. That was how we escaped that particular day and phew! we got married.

When we arrived our home on our wedding evening, we were thanking God and reminiscing on all the things that happened that day. We ate, did all the ‘serere’ and then hubby said.. ‘Let us go and bathe‘ I responded that I would join him later but he knew that I was shy. He pulled me up and said ‘the food is ready to be eaten’. Mrs Davis, come with me.

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