Two Things You May Be Wrong About in your Relationships

Written by Adama Nah Tunbi

Hi there, it’s me again…..

We will be picking up from where we dropped previously, but this time we will be going into being intentional about relationships. 

Have you ever thought about why you are not consistent with communication and having good relationships? Dont worry let me save you the hassle. I will be sharing with you how to be intentional in your relationships and how to make the best out of them.

There’s nothing wrong in categorising the people in your life, just don’t shut them out of mercy and keep following your rule hook line and sinker, I mean, rules are meant to be broken right. Anyhow, the first thing or one of the things to help with being friends is for you to be aware of why you have that person in your life or why the person has you in their life too. That way, you can minimise abusing the relationship and help both yourselves to manage offences.

For instance maybe you went visiting your friend of the opposite sex, and after enjoying the day together, you both go your separate ways. On getting home, none of you call each other to check if  the other person got home safe. One likely scenario that may occur here would be the female waiting for the male to call instead, and if He dosen’t she is likely to get upset. Well, it’s okay to get upset, but have you called the person too to genuinely find out if they are home safe? Secondly are you both lovers that you expect the other to treat you like a lover?

In another example, someone called a guy randomly. They had not spoken in a long time, and boom from nowhere, they buzz him and after exchanging plesantries, the person asked for a favor which the guy refused because according to you, they only call when they need help. If this scenario applied to you, take a minute to think about this. Have you ever wondered why they actually call you to ask for favor? I mean except for people who just maybe like ‘oshofree’, you might actually just be the only person or best person at what they really need. 

Secondly, please and please, stop having expectations about people, or better still, do not look at people through the lens of your expectations for them because eh, if they don’t meet it, it would not be entirely their fault. 

Let’s stop here and pick up later.


P.s: I was writing this to express one point, and guess what, that point is not even listed in this write-up. See you next week


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Adama Nah Tunbi is a lady who is just making her first attempt at writing. Although she has a flair for it, she has never really written an article except for essays in school which everyone did. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading while you watch her grow. Let us grow together ❤ 

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