Top 15 Qualities Of A Good Woman

What are the most sought-for qualities of a good woman? Who is she, the one that drives men crazy making them want her so bad? How can a woman be desired so much? What should a woman do with her nature and temper, which qualities should she develop to become a perfect one? Below, you will see the top-list of qualities and features of character the best women have, and some conclusions.

What are the best qualities a woman should have? When we speak of an ideal woman, how do we see her? She is the essence of all the best qualities all women in the world have. Still, all people have their own opinion on this matter and their most favorite traits of character are different. Who is the best woman and what are her peculiar features? Here’s a list of qualities women should have in accordance to public opinion.

A woman should be intelligent : Intelligence is not always connected with education. There are many people who possess a lot of common sense and wisdom without college education and those who have a pile of diplomas but absolutely no smartness. Thus, a woman who’s intelligent is expected to say wise things, give wise pieces of advice, and be able to maintain a serious talk with her man.

A woman should have stable emotions : Men are often annoyed by women’s emotions. This is why they want to see their perfect lady in a stable emotional condition all the time. Of course, she can feel whatever she’s up to but if she can master her emotions, she will be awarded the title of an ideal woman. A woman should be able to multiply It’s not about mathematics, it’s about making plenty out of a little. She does everything she can to help a thousand turn into a million and increase every success that she encounters. She’s not sitting on her hands waiting for things to be done by somebody instead of her.

A woman should be able to multiply : It’s not about mathematics, it’s about making plenty out of a little. She does everything she can to help a thousand turn into a million and increase every success that she encounters. She’s not sitting on her hands waiting for things to be done by somebody instead of her.

A woman appreciates when she is loved: A great woman is able to receive love gratefully and naturally. She gives a lot of love and calmly receives a lot of love that returns to her. She’s able to receive attention, affection and appreciation from men without strange unnatural reactions and she really feels good when she is loved. This is considered to be one of the best qualities of a good woman that are much appreciated by men. A woman should cook with love and eat with love.

Men are often afraid of women who are always following some diets. This is why they feel much more comfortable beside a woman who enjoys eating and cooking. She is expected to cook delicious meals with love and also taste them together with her man, even if she eats only a tiny bit of it.

A woman should have a good sense of humor: A person with a good sense of humor is appreciated a lot regardless of the gender. Men like women who are not too shy and can even tell a joke that’s not quite “modest” (of course if it doesn’t get over the verge of rudeness) and laugh heartily when somebody else tells something funny. People who appreciate having fun are the heart of any company.

A woman should know how to ask for help: A woman who inspires love always knows how to ask her man to help her. She’s not into suffering all alone and bearing all the troubles on her shoulders. Besides that, she knows how to do it in such a way that her man will feel the strongest man in the world, a defender and warrior who protects a fragile lady from the dangers and aggression of the cruel world.

A woman should have self-confidence : She’s a grown personality who knows well what she wants and what she’s worth. It’s not easy to offend her or bring her down because she knows her real worth. She also knows whose opinion is valuable for her and whose thoughts and opinions, especially on her personality, are not even worth consideration.

A woman should cherish relationship : Men love women who have friends and other strong bonds with trustworthy people. Loyal friends who can be relied upon some day are a great treasure and a woman who possesses this treasure is worth affection and respect. Besides that, if a woman is on good terms with her family, it’s very likely that she will find understanding with the relatives of her man. What’s more, she finds delight in such relationships.

A woman should understand her own body : If a woman loves herself, she shows others how to love her. She knows what’s good for her body and takes good care of it, working out when needed, looking after her skin and hair, feeding her body well with what it requires. She also knows how to do it to make her body look good in different types of clothes, now to choose colors to match her complexion and how to be elegant even in the simplest clothes.

A woman should have pleasure from intimate contacts : Men highly appreciate passionate women who know well what they want from intimate contacts. They know where they want to be touched to get totally excited and know when and where to touch men to turn them on. A good woman is never afraid to advance on her man and suggest doing something that may be pleasant to them both. Also, such a woman respects her man and trusts him.

A woman takes care of everyone around her: It doesn’t mean that she runs after them with a pair of warm socks or a dish with food. It means that she always knows what people around her need and how those needs can be satisfied. Men feel touched a lot when they see how a woman takes care of babies, no matter whether they are her own or just random kids. This is one of those qualities of a woman to search for when a man is looking for a good wife and mother of his children.

A woman should be able to teach and learn: Grown personalities with a lot of self-confidence, experience and intelligence are usually good teachers who can give a piece of wise advice, correct other people’s mistakes, and give a hint of how something should be done. At the same time, such personalities are glad when they have a chance to learn from other people and when there’s somebody to correct their own mistakes.

A woman should not be completely independent: It’s better for a man if his wife is not absolutely independent. Of course, she may be successful and gaining, intelligent, strong and confident about her life but her man will love her even more if she allows herself to be weak, fragile and tender in his arms, if she lets him know that there are things in this world that only he can do for her. Being loved and loving – this is what a good woman should want.

These are the top qualities of a good woman from the point of view of a man. What do women think about all this? Well, women usually agree that they have no particular obligations regarding what they should or should not be. The main point in all this is to be happy. This is what every woman wants and deserves. In its turn, the idea of happiness is different in the mind of every woman and there’s no general rule.

This is why one of the best things a woman should do is stay in love with herself, take care of herself and be proud of being a woman. This is what attracts people greatly, both men and women, and this is what can help a woman regain the sense of harmony within herself, stay in peace with herself, and feel the love she needs most of all.

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