Three Questions that Will Stop You From Settling (Part 2)

Written by Christina Soname

Hello and Welcome back!

I know that last question one sounded like an open cheque and got you naming your big desires. That is very good actually and I am proud of you for taking the offer to dream again. This is the point where I need you to go over the ‘wants’ you have highlighted and honestly ask yourself if you are currently the kind of person that can have those things.

Let me explain what I mean with this quote that I coined. People don’t have what they have primarily because of what they do but because of who they are. You may want to read that a second time. When people desire a type of result in their life, the first thing they are likely to think about is what they can do to get that result.

However, before doing comes being. It is first about who you are and if you have become the kind of person that can have such results. Who you are is largely linked to your belief systems/mindsets and thought life. As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he. You quality of your results are limited to the quality of your thoughts which are a reflection of your mindsets. For example, if you are habitually thinking that you will run out of money and this makes you worried anytime money leaves your account, this is an indication of the kind of mindset you have about money. Your dominant thoughts on a subject reveal your mindset about that subject.

Drawing from this example, if such a person in answering question one noted a desire to increase their financial status and make more money, the first thing to consider is not what to start doing but how to become the kind of person that can make the amount of money they desire. This will happen by exposing themselves to knowledge and experiences that will elevate their mindset about money and wealth. It is this first step of ‘becoming’ that will trigger the ‘doing’ which would produce the ‘having’. This is the case because how you think influences what you believe.

What you believe influences how you live and act. How you live and act influences the quality of results you have. Ticking off the ‘becoming’ aspect is what ensures that you can have replicable and sustainable results in your life. It is the reason why a billionaire can lose all the money he has today but pick himself up, rebuild and have even more in a matter of time.

By now you know the second question.

“Who must you become to have what you want?”

Follow this up with

“How can I become such a person?”

“How can I access the quality of knowledge and experience that will elevate my mindset in xxx aspect of my life?”

“Do I need to be taught/coached/mentored?”

“Do I need to expose myself to a certain environment/type of people?”

Let us meet to discuss the final question in the next post.

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Christina Soname is an excellent Management Consultant, a Learning & Development professional, and a trained public speaker. She is the author of Dear Young Professional, a fictionally storified book that looks at the real stories of real professionals in the workplace. The book draws out practical insights to help young professionals navigate the world of work and experience accelerated career growth. As described by the Guardian newspaper, the book is indeed a seven -chapter career Bible.

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