Three Questions That Will Stop You From Settling (Part 1)

Written by Christina Soname


Hello young professional,

There are three questions that I have found to be very life-defining. Your ability to answer them at different seasons of your life will keep you on track with regard to living intentionally and purposefully. The questions can be applied to different aspects of your life – professional, financial, physical, relational, etc.  What better time to go over the questions than at the start of a new year? 

As I proceed to share, I strongly advice that you not only read these questions but also pause to reflect on them. The reason is that failure to reflect on them periodically may land you or keep you in a trap.

What’s this trap? It’s the trap called ‘settling.’ This is what happens after a long time of complaining about a job role (for example), without making any efforts or taking steps to alter this ‘fate.’ Ever met someone who complains non-stop about their job? I am referring to people who are so disgruntled yet they do nothing to change the situation!

From my interaction with professionals across sectors, I can tell you one of the reasons why people find themselves in this ‘trap’. They know all the things they don’t want (which is the basis for their complaints), but they don’t have the answer to these simple questions,


This is the first of the three questions.

I know it sounds like such a simple question, but too many people don’t have the answer. It is easy to get bogged down by your current reality that they have ceased dreaming and desiring.

Friend, what do you want? Yes, ‘what?’ Forget about ‘how’ for now and just focus on ‘what’.

What kind of results do you desire to see in xxxx aspect of your life?

‘What would you like to have?’

‘What do you want your professional life to be like?’

What will you like to earn?’

One thing is sure, if you don’t have the answer to this question, you will most likely take whatever life offers you daily, without reaching for more. 

Ponder on question one, and I will be back with question two. 

I really hope you accept this offer to dream again. I strongly advise that you pen your thoughts down so that you can build on them with the next post. 

Have an amazing week! 🤗


About the writer

Christina Soname is an excellent Management Consultant, a Learning & Development professional, and a trained public speaker. She is the author of Dear Young Professional, a fictionally storified book that looks at the real stories of real professionals in the workplace. The book draws out practical insights to help young professionals navigate the world of work and experience accelerated career growth. As described by the Guardian newspaper, the book is indeed a seven -chapter career Bible.



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