The Visitors

Will he hold my hand? I doubt it. We just started dating. When should we hold hands? Hmmm, what is normal? I guess we will wait in silence. Catherine fidgeted in her seat. At first, placing her hands on her lap, then she sat on them and finally crossed them across her chest. The movie was about the start. At least she hoped so. This being their third date she wasn’t sure about the protocol for girlfriend behavior. Am I his girlfriend yet? When does that happen? Mom didn’t explain this to me. Ahhh, this silence is deafening. I feel like I should say something. Man, these lights have been out for a while or so it seems. Catherine uncrossed her arms and place her hands on the arms of the chair, hoping Pete would want to hold her hand. 

Pete couldn’t sit still. When is this movie going to start? I don’t remember it taking this long before. Should I go up and check on things? This is embarrassing me if this movie doesn’t work out. I really like this girl. I want this date to work out. I guess I could talk to her. I get so nervous when I talk with her. I just never know what to say. Pete kept glancing at his date. He could even see her eyes in the darkness and loved how they sparkled with joy. He noticed she was moving a lot too. Maybe she was getting bored or frustrated. I need to do something, or I think I will lose her attention for good. But what do I say? She looks uncomfortable. Does she need a pillow? Does she need a drink? Ahhh I am horrible at reading women. My dad was right this is hard…reading women.

Both Pete and Catherine spoke at the same time. Pete added, “You go first.”

Catherine paused; she had forgotten what she was going to say. Maybe I can make up a topic. This silence looks like it might go on forever. I might as well be honest. “I forgot…When do you think this movie will start? The darkness seems to have lasted longer than usual.”

“I agree. The emergency lights aren’t even on. I am wondering if something is wrong with the movie.” Pete glanced up at the small box where the movie reel would be sitting. He didn’t see any light coming out of the room. “Maybe I should go check?”

“Can I go with you?”

That surprised Pete. He assumed most girls get scared of doing anything that is against the rules or could be dangerous. “Sure.” He responded.

Pete grabbed Catherine’s hand not thinking of what would go through his date’s mind, but only to guide her through the darkened auditorium. Catherine’s mind started racing. Why did he grab my hand now? His hand is very strong. I wonder how long he will hold my hand. He probably is just trying to guide me through the seats. Catherine shook her wandering thoughts, “Where do we go to get up there?”

“I’m not sure.” Pete almost tripped over a few people’s belongings in the row. “Watch your step Cat!” There was a long pause. Why did I call her Cat? What am I thinking? “I mean there is a lot of stuff on the ground. I wouldn’t want you to trip.” Pete’s mind continued to wander during the silence. Why am I taking her into a potentially dangerous situation? Should I have left her in her seat alone? Nope! Her dad would be very cross with me if I had.

“Are you okay Catherine?” Still silence from her. I guess this is our last date now. I am dragging this poor girl into a dangerous situation with my rough and sweaty hand. She is probably scared for her life by now. Seriously, I need to stop overthinking this.

Catherine didn’t realize her pause was so long. Her mind was filled with so many thoughts. First, he called me Cat, and now Catherine. I wonder what is going on in his brain. I like the sound of Cat, but only from him. She finally broke the silence with“I am okay Pete, thanks for asking. I am a little nervous about going up to that room, but curious too.”

“We don’t have to go.” Pete stopped and turned to look Catherine in the eyes now holding both of her hands. Even with the darkness, her smile was kind, and her eyes had such a shine. He could stare at them all night. “It might be dangerous, and I do not want to put you in that kind of situation. We can go do something else. Up to you.”

Catherine’s heart started racing faster. The closer he got made her knees weak. He smells so good, and he is holding both of my hands. His hair keeps falling in front of his deep brown eyes. What did he ask again? Catherine finally responded, “It is okay. We can keep going.” I am not sure what I said yes to, but wherever he goes I want to go.

Pete led the way out the back doors of the theater. The only light in the hallway was coming from the doors to the outside, but since the sun was setting things were only going to get darker. No one was in the hallways so Pete headed towards the nearest snack stand to see if he could find someone to help them out. But why was the whole building dark. What was happening?

“Is it supposed to be all close down and dark like this?” Catherine asked.

“Definitely not. Something is very wrong. We need to find some help.” Pete replied

As they were walking, various other movie guests had come out of their theaters to investigate too. Most were quietly talking to themselves. They were all suspicious of what was going on. Electricity has gone out many times in the past, but most of the time the theater has had a generator to get at least the emergency and some main lights up. This time no lights were on. And as soon as the sun went down the place was going to get much darker.

After they got to the lobby, they saw what looked like the theater staff outside staring up at the sky.

“What are they doing out there?” Catherine whispered to Pete.

“Want to go find out?” Pete was still unsure whether he should be taking his fairly new girlfriend into a possibly dangerous situation.

“Oh yes, I do. I am very curious what they are all staring at.”

Pete grabbed her hand tighter. He probably was making a huge thing out of nothing. But his gut was telling him something was wrong. As they stepped outside, they finally saw the most astounding and terrifying view they ever beheld. The sky was full of spaceships slowly approaching the ground.

Pete pulled Catherine closer and said, “It looks like we are going to have visitors.”

Culled from by Chelsea Vegter


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