The Rural Voters

Are we aware, ‘we’ is intentional because this concerns everyone of us. Are we aware that most of the card carrying, voters card carrying people in Nigeria are mostly the vulnerable? The ones that the selfish politicians can manipulate via poverty and petty cheer giving? Are we aware? Are we aware that the ones who come out to vote are the people who don’t understand a thing except the food at hand? Well, will you blame them? They are used to survival mechanisms and they will do all it takes to survive. Unfortunately, the elites, the woke generation are on social media blabbing and comparing the country to better countries instead of sensitizing these people that would be used as a tool very soon.

500 naira and then they vote. Raw rice and vote is sold. Why don’t we enter these places to educate them and also feed them? We should change strategy! Give them food and speak sense to them and let them know that if the country was good, they won’t have to beg for basic needs like food to be involved in the society. We can do better. I am once again saddened at how events are turning and instead of us to wake up and smell the coffee, we are getting involved in unnecessary debates, we are not doing what we should be doing as the woke generation. I even heard that some youths have started to campaign for some of these men that have ruined the nation so far! What is the difference between those that collect 500 to sell their vote and these youths? They are both looking for the same thing; survival. We can switch from this deadly survival mode that our society has fashioned on us. We can emerge if only we decide to but if we don’t move, nothing will move.

Let us change strategy. Let’s get on the streets and catch them now. It must not be business as usual!

By Onozasie

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