The Perfect Nigerian Food Ideas

Enjoy this collection of Nigerian perfect meals for Sunday lunch.

  1. Fufu and Egusi Soup :

Fufu and Egusi Soup : When fufu is combined with egusi soup, it serves as dinner to millions of Nigerians. Egusi soup is the most popular soup in Nigeria and unarguably loved by every Nigerian.

Recipe :

2KG Assorted meat
4 cups of egusi (melon)
Roasted fish (about two medium sizes)
1 cup of ground crayfish
2 cups of washed bitter leaves
3 seasoning cubes
300ml of palm oil
About 2 liters of water
Salt to taste
Pepper to taste (scotch bonnet).
One medium-sized Stock fish head (okporoko)
20g Dawadawa or opkei (local ingredients)

The above-listed ingredients will make a large pot of egusi soup, see the bottom of this page. This soup will serve a family of 4 persons for three times. You can always refrigerate leftovers.

This recipe shows you how to prepare Egusi soup with lumps, the kind you only find in posh restaurants and eateries.

2. Jollof Rice

Several recipes for jollof rice exist across different Nigerian ethnic groups. jollof rice is one of the perfect lunch ideas

We serve jollof rice as dinner, lunch or even breakfast in Nigeria. it is also the most popular food in Nigeria.

You can serve with vegetable salads, beef or chicken.

Recipe :

4 cups of rice
1kg Chicken
1000ml of Ground Fresh tomatoes.
50ml Ground Fresh peppers
1 Teaspoon Curry powder
1 teaspoon Thyme
1 teaspoon Nutmeg powder
3 seasoning cubes
2 cups of sliced onions
300ml vegetable or groundnut oil
salt to taste.
2 cloves of garlic
2 fingers of ginger

3. White Rice and Stew Sauce

This is boiled white rice that is served with vegetable sauce. Alternatively, you could serve white rice with Banga stew or tomato stew.

Recipe: 4 cups of sliced fresh tomatoes.
Sliced fresh pepper (To taste).
1 cup of sliced onions.
3 seasoning cubes
1KG of assorted meat.
Half teaspoon of beef seasoning spice
One big bowl of sliced fluted pumpkin.
3 spoons of ground crayfish.
200ml vegetable oil.

4. Edikaikong and Swallow

Edikaikong soup is the most popular vegetable soup in Nigeria. This is a healthy Nigerian dinner idea.

You could serve with eba or fufu instead.

I make this soup at least twice every month.

Recipe: Serving 6×2
Stockfish head (medium size)
500g Dried fish or roasted fish
1 cup of ground or pounded crayfish
Waterleaf (12 cups)
Fluted pumpkin (ugwu leaf) (8 cups)
2 cups of palm oil (500ml)
Meat of choice (preferably assorted meat)
Salt and pepper to taste
Maggi or knorr cube (3-4)
1 cup of Periwinkles (optional)
2 spoons of ofor or achi

5. Porridge Yam

Porridge yam is dinner to millions of Nigerians. You could add vegetables if you like.

We make porridge yam and serve as night food in Nigeria all the time.

I have written a detailed article for making yam porridge, click the link below to read all about it.


A tuber of yam (peel and slice to serve-able sizes).
Half cup of ground crayfish
2 seasoning cubes.
100 ml of palm oil.
300ml Ground fresh tomatoes
Ground fresh Peppers
1 cup of Sliced Onions

6. Porridge Beans

Either we call it beans or black-eyed peas, it is the same thing. Lots of Nigerians prepare beans and ripe plantain porridge and serve as dinner in their homes.

You could also fry the plantain separately if you like.

Recipe :

5 cups of beans
1 cup of Sliced onions

4 ripe plantains
2-3 stock cubes
200ml of palm oil
500ml Ground red tomatoes
Fluted pumpkin (optional)
Ground Red Pepper to taste
Salt to taste

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