Social Media Money : These Are The Issues

There’s been a lot of talks and revelations on social media about young boys doing cyber crimes, killing family and friends to make money. Boys of 17, 18, 19… The craze for money, the urge to want to chill with the ‘big boys’ and the young girls; they want the ‘big boys’ as bae. The craze for money is evident and wallowing a lot of youths in dire need to show up as ‘successful’ because they have seen it on social media. They have seen their ‘faves’ flaunt money like water. I usually ask why people feel the need to flaunt cash in bundles on social media? How do you attend a party with a travel luggage filled with money only to go and spray the celebrant?

Those with hard-earned money cannot flaunt their wealth like that. These are the issues. The young ones see these things and begin to feel the urge, the need to hustle to have that kind of money and let’s not also deceive ourselves that some of these ‘faves’ even lie about their age so that can be referred to as ‘young billionaire and millionaire’ even though we know that they are not young. The issues.

Parents? Ah, the prayer is to let God allow their kids prosper and spend on them. It is a good prayer but at what age should a child spend on their parents? The issues. Why would your seventeen, nineteen year old drive home a car from the university and you scream ‘see what the Lord has done’ Lottery? The issues. Parents compare their kids and use very damaging words to drive home the point of ‘success’. ‘Look at your friend, does he have two heads?’ the issues. Education has been maimed as a dead place suitable for poverty because the illiterates are the ones with enough money to spend on Instagram. The educated ones are dying on a desk, quizzing through 9-5, running from one bus to the other and the state of the nation isn’t helping. The issues.

What should be done?

  1. There are examples: There are good examples. Your feed is what you want to feed, no one can give you want you don’t want to eat. This is how social media works. You need to watch what you feed off social media. There are people working good and working well. There are examples of genuinely young people thriving with legitimate wealth, they are not bastardizing money online. We’ve got examples. Follow them and learn from them.

2. Parenting: Parenting must be intentional in this century. You must learn to take care of your children not the other way round. Parents, take care of your children! Feed them, clothe them, teach them. Don’t make them your pension plan; at least, not yet. Let them grow, see them blossom and make the right choices. Don’t compare them but pray for them. Let your children be children. Let them breathe.

3. Success Will Come: Rome wasn’t built in a day. You will grow, you will make money, you will fulfill purpose but don’t take your eyes off the track. Don’t lose focus. Legitimate business is not stale, it is peace of mind and growth. Everyone has got a story tell, you are not the only one wearing those shoes. This is the time to get your hands dirty. Success will come.

4. Adults : Show workings! Share your story. Let the young ones know how you climbed the ladder. Don’t share your success with us without sharing your journey. Let us see the process, let us hear it. It will help these young people make better choices and discover that life isn’t a bed of roses.

5. Live a Little: Live… just live because everything good will come! Calm down.

And if you still think otherwise? oh well, Issues!

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