Simple Steps To Keep You Fit

I started working out in 2019 as preparation for pageantry at the university. My friend had bought the form for me and insisted I contested. In my first few weeks of working, I found it tedious and uninteresting. I almost gave up. But, along the way, I found simple steps that made me continue and enjoy keeping fit to date. These steps are so effective that even if you don’t have time to go to a gym, you can still put them to practice during leisure anywhere. 

If you are wondering why it is so important for you to be physically fit, then you have not met Kenneth Cooper. He had this to say about keeping fit and its benefits, “exercising slows down the aging process and physical deterioration as it restores your zest for life and youthful activity”. Therefore, keeping fit is paramount to our general well-being and living a healthy, purpose-driven life. However, jogging on a cold morning or lifting weights, or doing a few push-ups when your body just wants you to sleep or watch another movie on Netflix doesn’t sound like fun. Well, if you follow these simple steps that I am about to show you, exercising would become less stressful and more enjoyable.


Improving your fitness level takes a lot of determination and resilience. Hence, it is serious business. One of the first lessons I learned when I started working out was that I had to dedicate time and effort to achieve my goal. Over a  period, those minutes you put into working out in the gym or at home every day would end up giving you significant results. I advise that you allocate 20-30 minutes daily to exercising at least three times weekly.


When we venture into new things in life, like a new job or relationship, we tend to take things easy and slow to familiarise ourselves with the new environment and adjust accordingly. The same thing applies to keeping fit. Especially If you have not been physically active for a  period. It is advisable to start with easy exercises that you can do at your own pace so that your muscles can adapt seemingly. For newbies, I advise you to start with walking!


The next step is to find creative ways of making the activity pleasurable for yourself. For instance, while working out I love listening to my favorite musician. Music helps to relax the muscles and nerves to ease tension. Therefore, even though keeping fit is serious business, a little bit of music can help to spice things up and keep you going.


“Rome was not built in a day”, goes the popular cliché. In the same vein, you cannot get your dream body or cut down on all the excess calories in one day of exercising. It takes a long period of persistently working to get that. Hence, you must cool off at intervals while working out. This would help your muscles recover so that you can continue with your routine. However, breaks should be disciplined and limited. It is advisable to take 30 seconds to 1-minute break. When they are too long you might get tired and discontinue the exercise altogether. So, be careful!

In my next article, I will let you in on some of the exercises you can do to help you burn calories faster. Remember, you cannot be physically fit without being mentally fit. So, while you break the sweat, ensure you read self-enhancement books too!

( I would also compile a list of books you can read in my next article) . Till we meet again.

Written by Daniel

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