Sex During Pregnancy

Pregnancy means different things for different  women, for some it’s  all good I.e no stress ,no vomiting , no pains, no spitting, no bad taste in the mouth  and so on. But for some is a mixture of the good, the bad and the ugly. It is definitely an interesting phase in life for both people involved .

Sex involves two people.  And when it comes to pregnancy  the Couple has to have an open mind on the subject of sex.  In pregnancy a lot of changes occur in a woman’s body that affects her emotional(hormones) and physiological make up . Which could get in the way of sex During Pregnancy. 

For some women they become more interested in sex than usual and for some others it’s a total dislike and disgust for sex . 

There needs to be an open mind on the subject amongst couples so that the process can be a lot easier. 

Sex is seen as an awkward subject of discussion particularly in our part of the world (Nigeria), I am an advocate for openness on all matters especially sex , between couples .Being able to verbalise your feelings, likes and dislikes is a very important part of sexual relationships .

Discuss everything , don’t sweep anything under the rug say it all in the most polite and kindest way that you can remember that a peaceful resolution is the goal 🙂.

Be open to try new things ; change positions, get new props or improvise with the ones you have, In all you do comfort and pleasure should be the pursuit for both parties . I cannot over emphasise this ; go in search of positions that work, I promise you there are some positions that are absolutely impossible in your 3rd trimester(e.g missionary was out of the question for me😉). So keep testing and trying till you find what works for you….

Sex is one of the safest exercises during pregnancy. if your doctor says it’s OK to have sex then be sure to have a lot of it, as your strength would allow .

Sex During Pregnancy has benefits … let me share some here to encourage you .

  • For some women sex During Pregnancy intensifies orgasm leading to maximum satisfaction and stress release . This will definitely put you in a good mood 😀.
  • It also helps to induce good sleep .
  • Sex During Pregnancy is a very good and safe workout session that allows for better blood flow , hence reducing your blood pressure(hence lowering your chances of high blood pressure during pregnancy, which could be very dangerousfor mother and unborn Baby).
  • It relaxes the nerves 
  • It increases self confidence ….it makes you feel more like yourself .
  • Orgasm helps to strengthen pelvic muscles in preparation for labour. 

There are more benefits , I think this here is encouragement enough.


Iniobong Adesanya was born on the 13th of December,1981.

She is a graduate of the Lagos State University (LASU).  

From a young age she has always been  interested in pregnancy and infants. As time went on her passion for pregnancy grew and she started  an Instagram page that talks solely about pregnancy(the before, during and after ).  She is a wife and a mother to three( 3) beautiful children.

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