Sapa or Japa

Written by Sola ‘Biyi’

I am catching up with Gen Z lingua, and honestly, I wonder who comes up with these titles. If you are not an aspiring Gen Z like me, SAPA is slang and it implies someone is really broke and doesn’t have money. While JAPA, also a slang means to leave the country, basically, it literally means to run away from one’s country and not return.

Before I spiral into finding out who comes up with these titles, the gist is that I have been doing a lot of thinking, and I need to get these off my chest. 

Those that earn a salary, how do you have money till the end of the month? What do you people do that you don’t experience sapa before the next payday? Are there financial hacks that you people are doing? Or is it that Nigerian jobs are not paying enough? Or perhaps it is the soap I am using, because I am not understanding. Or maybe the country’s situation is really dire and everyone is experiencing SAPA and the best option is to JAPA. 

Some weeks back, I saw that the UK was recruiting lorry drivers in their numbers. Are people going to leave all their degrees and start learning how to drive a lorry? Why am I saying people? It is not like me Sola has plenty of degrees but I don’t know if I would leave to go and drive a lorry. Or is the situation dire? 

I know people are leaving the country or about to leave.  In fact, it is like only three of my friends that are still in Nigeria. (okay, I am exaggerating, but doesn’t the situation require exaggeration?) Please, is there something that you people japaing are not telling us?

These are the things I need to get off my chest, because 2022 is around the corner, and very soon we will be seeing ‘New Year, New Me, 2022 Vision board and goals posts.’ I want to be aware of the reason why ‘everyone’ wants to leave the country, so I can know that 2022 is my year to JAPA. 

If you are not experiencing SAPA, that means you are having a clean/detty December, and it means you are the MVP and you have a special soap. 

I want to hear from TEAM JAPA and TEAM SAPA. Please, tell me so I can make adequate plans or I change the soap I am using so my money can last.

Who am I, Who am I? (read or sing that in The Prince’s voice)

I go by the name Sola, but my real gees call me Solz. I take God beg you, please don’t add H in my name. In fact, public service announcement: I will be addressed as ‘Sola without the H’. T for thanks. 



Sola ‘Biyi means ‘Sola birth this’. 

She is a storyteller with two books and a short piece on life and vulnerability – ‘Loss Brought Me Here’ which you can find on her Instagram bio. In her spare time, she does photography and video editing.  If she’s not reading, she is trying to maintain a babygirl lifestyle with her 9-5 or most definitely glued to a screen; writing, or watching TV series 

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