Pregnancy Dos And Don’ts

When a woman gets pregnant, it’s like her personality changes . Her likes and dislikes change, the changes sometimes are like the bouncing motions of a yoyo.

The changes are not just preferential but also her biological make up changes as well . She becomes fragile, her Immune system needs much more to be enough.

As I always say, knowledge is very important in pregnancy . Not everything your body craves should be eaten or drunk(you can indulge in some, but with utmost care and control) . There are some foods and drinks that pregnant women should avoid or minimize taking like ; coffee, pineapples, lime, alcoholic beverages, etc.

Being pregnant is like being on a very important mission . You are like an envoy carrying a very precious cargo; you can’t afford to just ingest every and anything .

I have heard stories of pregnant women who self medicate, doctors would tell you that as a pregnant woman the only medication you are allowed to take without a prescription is paracetamol and even that one should not be abused .

This reminds me of a  true-life story I heard from a gynaecologist online about a woman who was pregnant and had swollen feet, so she complained to a neighbour who said her mum used to have swollen feet and was given a medication by her doctor and the swollen feet disappeared . So this pregnant woman asked for the name of the medication and went on her own accord to a pharmacy and bought this medication without asking a doctor or any medical practitioner. She started taking this medication and truely it worked , the swollen feet went down, but at her next antenatal visit it was discovered that the unborn child was “STILL”!!! apparently the drug she was taking was for BP patients !!!. This could have been avoided .

This story made me really sad and angry at the same time .

Women are custodians of destinies and generations to come, and we are equipped for the journey but let’s not give ignorance and nonchalance any room in our lives particularly on our journey to motherhood.

As I would always say, read up and if you don’t know ask your doctor or midwife (a qualified one).you can even double check on your doctor’s opinion if you feel the need to. And I strongly believe that there’s something called ‘Motherly Instinct ‘ let’s pay attention to that too. Always read the content leaflet of every medication, food or drink before ingesting. So we can avoid stories that touch.

Written by: Iniobong Adesanya

Iniobong Adesanya was born on the 13th of December,1981.

She is a graduate of the Lagos State University (LASU). 

From a young age she has always been  interested in pregnancy and infants. As time went on her passion for pregnancy grew and she started  an Instagram page that talks solely about pregnancy(the before, during and after ).  She is a wife and a mother to three( 3) beautiful children.

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