New Year, New Me…Scratch that… New Year, What am I Doing?

Growing up, on New Year’s Day, my family tradition was to gather everyone in the morning for devotion. Everyone would share their plans for the year, and then we made visits to family friends. This was the routine for years until the year I graduated from the University. I graduated in 2015, and by New Year’s Day in 2016, I didn’t know what to write as my plan for the year. I know the priority was to get a job, but other than that, I didn’t have any grand plans. I know I wasn’t ready for marriage, I sure wasn’t ready to take on a post-graduate degree, I wasn’t ready to move out. I just knew I wanted a job, but which type of job?

I believe I barely got by in the year 2016 because, adulting is hard, and by 2017, I was over “New Year’s Resolution stuff.” I was going to start to manage my expectations and be real with myself. Because it was a family tradition, I may have scribbled anything so my mom could get off my back, but a tiny part of me was going to wing 2017. This is how I have managed my expectations in the last five years. I scribble down stuff, but I basically wing the year.

For me, the ironic part of writing resolutions is that things I didn’t write at the start of the year, happened. For example, in 2018, I didn’t write that I would go into photography, but by the end of that year, I had started making money from random shoots. Or in 2019, how I didn’t plan to be in any relationship but leaving 2019, I had gotten into a serious relationship.

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At this junction, I should pause and state that I am not anti-resolutions, the last five years have just taught me to manage my expectations, but more importantly be flexible. You know how slang goes, ‘Vibes and Insha-Allah” mine is more Vibes and sprinkled with leading of the Holy Spirit. I will be honest and mention that instead of new year’s resolutions, what I do is break my goals into months, like “this month I plan to do ‘x’ number of stuff.” It’s not every month I ace all my goals, heck there are months I don’t even write any plans. And the months I don’t do anything grand, I remind myself that I am winging it through the journey called Life.

The thing with resolutions and plans is that they seem daunting, especially when they are outside your comfort zone. What has worked for me is honesty and consistency; what am I really doing to achieve these goals?

Who am I, Who am I? (read or sing that in The Prince’s voice)

I go by the name Sola, but my real gees call me Solz. I take God beg you, please don’t add H in my name. In fact, public service announcement: I will be addressed as ‘Sola without the H’. T for thanks.


Sola ‘Biyi means ‘Sola birth this.’

She is a storyteller with two books and a short piece on life and vulnerability – ‘Loss Brought Me Here’ which you can find on her Instagram bio. In her spare time, she does photography and video editing.  If she’s not reading, she is trying to maintain a babygirl lifestyle with her 9-5 or most definitely glued to a screen; writing, or watching TV series

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