Love Is Wicked

Love is said to be wicked

But I felt its wickedness from you.

Love is said to be dangerous

I got the life threat from you.

Love burns and destroys

I’ve been baked to ashes by you.

Love is a serpent

But it was you who bit me

Love is electrifying

But I felt no exuberance with you


Ukeme Cornelius Okon is a Nigerian and native of Akwa Ibom State. He has BA in Philosophy. He is a poet, novelist and content creator. He has authored three poems anthology and a novel. He has written other short stories and articles. His pen name is WordChef_Baker. He is the national coordinator of NITABI (Nigerian Teen Authors Book Initiative) under the umbrella of ATABI (African Teen Authors Book Initiative)

His passion and dream are to help young people develop their talents and use the pen to drive home the message of hope and love. He helps others discover themselves and become the best.

He is a student of NEGV. He wants to learn and improve his digital marketing, communication and acting skill.

His hobby and interest are sports, reading, singing, chatting and watching movies.

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