Leaders Of Tomorrow

I met a man yesterday and he shared with me that in the year 1983 he’s in primary 4 whilst the current president of Nigeria was head of state. Fast forward to present day 2022, the then head of state is currently the president of Nigeria and back then in 1983 as a primary school student, he’s told that he will become the leader of ‘tomorrow’, the future is bright. How many times have we been told as young Nigerians that we are the leaders of tomorrow? The leaders of tomorrow but how far? We have successfully recycled the same set of people. The leaders of tomorrow serve the leaders of yesterday who have ‘somehow’ retained their seats as present day leaders. The current state of Nigeria has no effect on the lives of those that have made it so. They are reaping off the good of the land and spreading poverty, pain and confusion but somehow, some leaders of tomorrow have joined the gang.

Why? It is simple; man must survive. We must find something to eat. This is the weapon they have in place, the weapon of poverty; that we feed from hand to mouth. We have conveniently allowed these guys to overrule, manipulate the future of the country because the so-called leaders of yesterday have refused to leave the seat for the leaders of tomorrow. The leaders of tomorrow have become subservient to the leaders of yesterday and we have refused to wake up. We have refused to wakeup to the reality of good governance. We all want to make money ‘somehow’ to get basic amenities! Basic amenities that should be provided by the government but here we are toiling for basic, very basic things and in turn, we have become greedy, frustrated, selfish and depressed people because we fight for everything. We shout to get everything but we never learn, though. We keep walking in circles because we do not want to stand up for what we deserve.

The leaders of tomorrow have become servants, the leaders of tomorrow are serving the old hags. The leaders of tomorrow have also decided not to take their future seriously but are actively staying off politics. They have decided that their votes do not matter so they allow the old hags of yesterday kill their future. Leaders of tomorrow!!!

By Onozasie

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