Humanity —- Animality

A Poem Written by WordChef_Baker

Humanity — Animality
The boar of the forest in the city.
The urban settlements filled with animosity.
Beast using civilization as a cover.
Everywhere mental imbalance hovers.

They go on in our midst.
Appearing beautiful but they’re evil mist.
Their nature is bestiality,
They disguise in the garments of humanity.

Some ape family of intelligence and skills.
In their labs inventing and experimenting on weapons and pills.
Creating instruments of destruction.
Putting us close to Hades' detention.

Some humans like lions, they hunt progress and success.
Plotting and killing innovative minds of greatness.
The good of others they perceive threat.

Together they attack their victim to death.

The hyenas laugh at others' struggling.
They stay close by, mocking and wishing,
The down fall or demise of others.
Devouring alive their dreams and ideas.

The jackals hanging around the beautiful city,
Watching others mark the sky of time with creativity.
They neither invent nor assist — to them it's gory,
But they sneak in to steal ideas and glory.

Boa and stealth mode animals;
Wearing the skin of best friends.
They stalk silently and constrict your effort and boldness,
Swallowing you and your fruitfulness.

Wolves gangs of cultism pledging loyalty,
To a cause of death penalty.
Passing or receiving the judgment in entirety.
Feeding with joy on their enemies' casualty.

Weasels of the forest of civilization.
Your mission now and always is decreation.

Your DNA codes read serial killers.
Your radar picks signals of blood dealers.

The world an ocean for sharks in action.
They sense blood at all productive vibration.
Their talent and skill is to shred life to pieces.
Their hearts the thought of mercy never reaches.

Young boys and girls like deers,
Hopping on social media advertising their dears:
To opposite sex who treat them as dogs.
Relationship now a hunting game of sex and drugs.

O humanity when has your habitat,
Become home to wild jungle, savannah or ocean habitants?
Why substitute love for animality?
Wearing deceptive habit of religiosity.

You’re dressed in the skin of humanity,
But you stink with the attitude of bestiality.
With stenchy attitude, you’re an animal in human skin;
When you exhibit actions like their kin.


Ukeme Cornelius Okon is a Nigerian and native of Akwa Ibom State. He has BA in Philosophy.
He is a poet, novelist and content creator. He has authored three poems anthology and a
novel. He has written other short stories and articles. His pen name is WordChef_Baker.
His passion and dream are to help young people develop their talents and use the pen to drive
home the message of hope and love. He helps others discover themselves and become the
best. He is a student of NEGV. He wants to learn and improve his digital marketing, communication
and acting skill. His hobbies and interest are sports, reading, singing, chatting and watching movies.
Instagram: @wordchef_baker
Twitter: WordChef_Baker

One Reply to “Humanity —- Animality”

  1. Wow! This is a great poet.

    The well-crafted piece on Animality. It saddens the heart when Human turns to bestiality. Their behavior is not different from animality. I hope they understand the purpose of humanity, being kind and generous to others. Because there lies in peace of mind.

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