How To Shop For Makeup Removers

Skin Type

The best eye makeup remover for you is all dependent on your skin type. If you have dry skin, you’ll benefit most from an oil-based eye makeup remover, as this type of remover keeps your skin’s essential oils intact and adds additional hydration thanks to its moisturizing properties. On the flip side, water-based eye makeup removers are better for people with oily skin who need a product that will help manage the excess oil their skin produces. 

If you sit somewhere in between, go with a bi-phase formula or micellar water. These types of eye makeup removers utilize both oil and water to get rid of your makeup, offering a multi-pronged approach that shouldn’t elicit significant reactions in your skin. Fragrance-free formulas are always the best option for people with sensitive skin, as some fragrances can irritate sensitive skin.

Application Type

The two most popular eye makeup remover types are liquids and wipes. Which one you use should be dependent on how much eye makeup you usually wear. Wipes are super convenient because they provide a quick and easy way to remove your eye makeup, which can be a lifesaver when all you want to do at the end of a long day or night is crash in bed. 

However, they work best with light eye makeup, such as non-waterproof mascara, a primer, and eye shadow. If you wear heavier eye makeup, such as liquid eyeliner, waterproof mascara, eye shadow, a highlighter, and more, it may take more wipes to get it all off, and test your patience in the process. Plus, wipes result in more waste, so you may decide that a liquid or balm eye makeup remover is better. These types also provide you with more control over how much eye makeup remover you use.  

Questions You Might Ask

What is the best way to remove eye makeup?  

The best way to remove eye makeup is gently. The biggest mistake people make when removing their eye makeup is by aggressively scrubbing their eyes. The skin around your eyes is extremely sensitive, and can become irritated easily when faced with friction. Before you start removing your makeup, make sure to wash your hands to prevent any germs from getting onto your face and eyes. Then, if you’re using a liquid, apply your eye makeup remover to a cotton pad. Cotton pads are best because they offer more surface area to apply your remover, as opposed to cotton balls. Also, the strands in cotton balls can come apart and potentially get into your eye if you scrub too hard, which can be very painful.

Apply the cotton pad with the eye makeup remover to your eyes and let it sit there for about 10 seconds. This allows the product to seep in, making for easier makeup removal. After, start rubbing gently in a circular motion until your eye makeup has come off. If the side of your cotton pad has a lot of makeup and you still have more removal to do, simply use the cleaner side. Then, use a cleanser to clean your makeup-free face.

What happens when you don’t remove your eye makeup before going to bed?

Not taking your eye makeup off before you go to bed is a big no-no. It can cause a range of health problems, some of which may require you to seek medical attention. Reactions may include eye irritation and redness as well as rashes, infections, styes, and even cysts. If you often find yourself too tired to go through the proper eye makeup removal process, keep a pack of eye makeup remover wipes in your bedside table so you can remove your eye makeup while in bed.   

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