How To Get Your Body Back

Grandma Eunice reaches for the axe 🪓 on her way to the farm, “there’s a lot of wood 🪵 to be chopped today!” She exclaimed to her 10 year great grandson.

Grandma Eunice clocked  97 last week Tuesday and has always had a routine of chopping the oak wood to grill freshly hunted meat to prepare her favourite Grammy E’s Special to celebrate her birthday.

Her older brother GPops Jay (GPJ), as he loves to be addressed recently clocked 102, keeps talking about how his sister’s recipe didn’t even come close to their mother’s when she was alive.

This has been a family joking brawl for decades with no one giving in. A faction takes sides with GPops Jay (mostly because he lovingly bullies them too) and others who’ve never lived to taste this mystery winning meal GPJ talks about, stick with Grammy Eunice’s delicious grill.

Grammy Eunice has always actively chopped wood from her teen years, it wasn’t considered a male or female sport, everyone engaged in it. After the GPJ and his cousins took long walks to the farm and back home, they’d rest and the ladies would chop the woods to share the labour and everyone cooked together.

Theirs is a super close-knit family bond and even when Grammy Eunice’s children left for the city, they’d always drive home to celebrate birthdays and family celebrations and also so that the family culture be passed on to younger generations.


(F. A. G. I.)


Hi Hi Dearest Reader!

You are welcome to our maiden edition, there’s a little tradition we’d imbibe in our stories, because we’re building a family here. So when I say FAGI, you say FANI, and you share in the comment section with me highlights of what memories today’s story triggered in you.


  1. Engaging in activities natural to them: Walking to the farm to pick up logs.
  2. Family bond through division of labour. Grammy E, chopping the wood after GPJ brings it with the spoil of the day to be seasoned and grilled.
  3. Legacy: Passing down healthy earthy tradition to the children to engage in an active natural lifestyle that’ll make them live long

You can tell that GRAMMY E & GPJ remind you of that active Grandma or Grandpa you’ve read or heard about growing up. There are real people who eat nature to live long and healthy lives and I’m sure you’re wondering how to infuse this into your already busy life!

Know this! God didn’t intend for you to be too busy. Just picture the Garden of Eden, and how Adam and Eve were given animals, herbs, fruits and vegetables to enjoy life and fellowship with God? In the book of Genesis?

I urge you to be still, breathe and acknowledge this truth that the hustle and bustle of life is not from God and you’re created to have and enjoy balance in life.

This is what our Fitness stories here at Alo Alo will be about. Showing you FITNESS AS GOD INTENDED & where we’re going wrong & how we can fix it one action at a time.

This story was written by

Idala Ogufere, a mum to 4 Mighty Kings, She’s a Holistic Fitness Coach so passionate about helping people become intentional about the health of their spirit soul and body.

You can reach her on her personal Instagram handle


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To learn how she lost 35kg in 4 pregnancies (1 miscarriage) and now a Yummy mummy coaching other women too.

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