How To Celebrate Your Small Wins

We live in an era where the world has become a small digital village and minding your business is easier said than done. For instance, someone in Canada could easily be telling you in Rwanda what to do, and how to live your life. For instance, isn’t it funny how some people think that celebrating the small wins isn’t that important? Especially when those achievements are attached to the mental wellbeing of the achiever. Isn’t it funny how some people think that they can tell you what to do?

How can someone who is educated, upwardly mobile, and isn’t a baby boomer say that dumping your insecurity-inducing android for an iPhone (new or fairly used) isn’t a life achievement? Just think about it. Do people actually understand how much it takes to be among the few elites with such huge achievements? Do they even know the type of mental health issues android users battle with on a daily basis?

Just the same way, some people would tell the youth that hard work, consistency, diligence, practice, and delayed gratification are the ingredients for good lasting success. That’s just stories; especially that delayed gratification part. Who has time? Have these people never heard that internet fraud is payback to the colonial masters for enslaving and maltreating our ancestor in those cotton fields? Why will a young girl try to make her own money and be independent? Have all the able-bodied men that she could easily leech on suddenly become handicapped?

That’s how some enemies of enjoyment will tell you to keep saving for the rainy day. Only the smart ones know that there’s nothing like a rainy day. At most, you’ll buy an umbrella. It’s all a ploy to stop you from enjoying your life to the max. Why should you even save today, when you can lavish it all and maybe open a Go Fund Me tomorrow? Let’s not forget those who keep preaching to women to have standards and not settle for just any man. Do these people even know that you’re not getting any younger? What standards?

Oh, and don’t let anyone press your panic button by telling you about “what goes around comes around” or Karma or any other crap like that. They think nature doesn’t have work and is busy keeping records of the good or bad that you do? Don’t mind them. Live your life and do your thing. No one is looking up to you to follow your footsteps. So, dump that android and switch to an iPhone against all odds. Even if you empty your savings or go into debt, it’s absolutely no one’s business.

Don’t let anyone tell you how to live your life. If the path of honesty and integrity doesn’t work, cut corners and maneuver your way. Don’t even take advice from elderly ones – they’re past time. Aren’t they? You can figure everything out on your own and you will – may be now; may be later in future when you’re supposed to be eating the fruit of your labour. But the bill comes due.

Disclaimer: This piece is not for general consumption; only for those who speak sarcasm fluently.

By Elijah Ogidi-Olu

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