How Soon Do You Get Morning Sickness When Pregnant

NOTE: contrary to what it’s called, morning sickness is not limited to the hours of the morning alone…it can happen any time in the day or sometimes throughout the entire day.

Pregnancy has 3 phases that we call trimesters  any for every trimester there are expected changes for both mother and baby(foetus) .

But for this article, we shall focus on the 1st 12weeks of Pregnancy (1st trimester).

Morning sickness or nausea happens mostly in the 1st trimester usually between the 5th and 6th week of pregnancy, but some women feel it through out pregnancy…. like me 🙂,when I got pregnant with My 1st baby,  I threw up till I was a little over 7months, that was when nausea and vomiting began to ease up .

Symptoms of morning sickness varies from woman to woman ; nausea, vomiting , excess salivation and it can triggered by odours, spicy food or heat . And yet some women don’t feel anything notable .

I will share some of my experiences with morning sickness, particularly with my 1st pregnancy ;

I easily got irritated by perfumes, I remember how everybody in my home at the time would finish dressing up inside the house and then  take their perfume bottles outside to spray , and leave the bottles at the door step… be brought back in later 😄😄. what about the times I would tell my husband not to use his perfumes because the smell made me sick or when he would take me to a store to pick the scents I’m comfortable with and in barely a week those same scents I picked became nauseating 😁😄😄. It was quite an interesting time in my life 😁.

And oh yes! There was this woman who used to fry fish for sale on the corner of my then street  in the afternoons and oh.. how I hated the smell of the frying fish so much that I took note of the time she would usually start and make sure that my windows are tightly shut at that exact time 😄. Haaa!!!! pregnancy sure did have its trying times for me but I still loved every bit of it so much that I miss it (I hope my hubby is not reading this 😃).

For some women morning sickness doesn’t  exist, for some its mildly average and is no cause for alarm. But this doesn’t mean that it couldn’t be dangerous to mother and child . There are some symptoms that could indicate a severe case of morning sickness, such as ;

  • The nausea or vomiting is severe
  • You pass only a small amount of urine
  • Your urine becomes dark in colour
  • You can’t keep down liquids
  • You feel dizzy spells when you stand
  • You feel faint
  • Your heart races

If you experience any of the above, you most definitely need to see a doctor .

Not every woman experiences morning sickness/nausea and vomiting, from study between 70% to 80% of women experience it

I must point this out … no two pregnancies are the same. Because you had an extreme case of morning sickness in your first pregnancy does not mean it will be same for your second . For all you know you might just be one out of the 30% or 20% of women that don’t experience nausea/vomiting or morning sickness .

My advice is this; keep your mind open, go into everyday with the strong hope that it will better the day before 🙂.

So no matter what phase you are ….before, during or after …just believe that you CAN and you WILL… because you were designed for this .

Iniobong Adesanya was born on the 13th of December,1981.

She is a graduate of the Lagos State University (LASU).  From a young age she has always been  interested in pregnancy and infants. As time went on her passion for pregnancy grew and she started  an Instagram page that talks solely about pregnancy(the before, during and after ).  She is a wife and a mother to three( 3) beautiful children.

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