Happy New Year

Written by Adama Nah

It is interesting how we all look forward to it and have so much planned and are enthusiastic until it’s time to live up to it. 

Hi there, hope you enjoyed the previous year and learned a lot from it to carry you through this current year. Did you catch the new year bug? I don’t think I did either, but I sure was looking forward to it.

The major thing I even want to talk about is relationships this year. not lovers o, but generally in its context and how important it is for the new year.

Remember how you told yourself you are doing an assessment on relationships and cutting people off. Right! have you thought about how people might want to cut you off too? I know right, you never thought so. It’s always about you….I am not saying you are bad 😒 o, but have you ever imagined that you might be toxic yourself? I mean do you really assess yourself or its more of assessing people?

Anyhow, I am not here to tell you all that search yourself thing, but why not be intentional about relationships this year, and look at the bright side of everything. Be open and willing to take correction and resist the urge to ‘se alaiye’ explain or defend yourself. Not because you think people don’t get you, but because you are genuinely interested in seeing things from other people’s perspectives.


About the Writer

Adama Nah Tunbi is a lady who is just making my first attempt at writing. Although she has a flair for it, she has never really written an article except for essays in school which everyone did. Sit back, relax and enjoy reading while you watch her grow. Let us grow together  

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