Eyes blinded by greed

Mouths sealed with money

Estranged from morals and truth

We have a right to choose but greed has taken that away from us

Replacing our rights with torments from unworthy leaders

“Cat got your tongue?”

Surely, you’ve lost your voice to free rice

You dare not speak else no free cash

Traded food for a better future

Better speak now else there will be no future to eat in

Unite and fight against your tormentors before they be the cause of your death

Now is the time to free yourself from slavery.

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Favour Oluwatosin Akinola popularly known as “Tosinwrites” in the gathering of creatives is a creative writer who seeks to connect with her reader’s emotions and educate them as well. 

Tosinwrites is currently running her first degree in political science from the University of Lagos, Nigeria. She is a Human Resource enthusiast and a certified baker. Surely, her hands does wonders.

Connect with Tosin:

Twitter @tosinwrites

Instagram @__tohsine

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