Don’t Be Screwed By A Casanova

Casanova is an old school term for our colloquial Womanizer( coined by that Britney Spear’s music video), but it pretty much means the same thing–A Lothario, a Tom Cat, Player and Seducer.

I’ve heard some vicious stories, from so many women, about  getting played worse than a yo-yo, since they weren’t able to tell a ‘Casanova’ from a decent guy.

Well, it’s basically this, if he’s too good to be true than you better run. A Casanova is a Casanova because he has perfected his game to a tee. He’s so good that he’s able to seduce women– and it can be a proper woman– into the bed room, in the wink of an eye.

So,  here’s a few tips on how to spot these emotional blood suckers:

  • They are  ADDICTED to the the challenge, chase and game of love.

  • He disguises himself as a gentleman and seduces you perfectly well sans flaws; He’s basically so good, you wonder if he’s for real.

  • They struggle with low self-esteem so their notches up their belts make them feel a little better about themselves.

  • He’s impeccably charming. They have exquisite verbal skills and use that to their advantage.  Women are easily baited verbally and Casanova’s  are very in tune with women’s emotions, thus, they know how to entice a woman’s ear with sugary pleasantries and feign concern over their diatribes about personal or work life.

  • He’s handsome, well groomed, stylish and has perfect manners.  Though, he says it’s because of his profession,  it does  makes you wonder where exactly did he learn that from?

  • Pay attention to your gut feeling about him,  is there something strange about the way he looks at other women? What is that mark on his neck?  There is a reason why women have intuition…

  • He has severe commitment issues.

  • He overly wines, dines and gifts ( flowers or candy)  you– until you gift him back at night.

  • He’s extremely sensual and knows exactly what a woman wants because he’s had practice from his past conquests.

  • He’s not very up front about his true  intentions and tends to be very vague.

  • If you heard through the grapevine about his sordid past being a player, man whore or a seducer,  then there may be a speckle of truth to that  rumor.

  • They QUICKLY lose interest in you when you don’t give them what they want..

  • Once you figure him out, and it all fizzles: don’t expect to maintain anymore contact with him  since your  only use to him is over.

  • They ignore having guilty feelings or may not feel guilt at all, as strange as this sounds, this is also a huge indicator on identifying one of them..

Though this is a long list, it’s imperative that women need to sharpen their detective skills if they assume they  are dating one of these  womanizers. It’s not always so easy to tell from first glance or even from first impressions, whether or not the guy they  are ‘presumably’ seeing is a cad. They  do cloak themselves in human civility so well. So  just  remember   not get lost  into his dreamy eyes, charming one-liners or quickly agree to stay at his place that night.

They break hearts fast and move on to the next bed post. A word to the wise, don’t end up like Britney Spears, please don’t end up like her.  Would you want to star in a music video about being screwed over by these Casanovas?

culled from by SHERRYN GAWORECKI

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