Did They Tell You No, Read This…

Written by Ibukun Tunbi

My dearest family friend who happens to work for Eko DC, got electrocuted once. His body had endured the horrors of high tension voltage and so he was burnt out and rushed to the hospital.

The first hospital just treated his case as an emergency and released him, they were not going to admit him. The ambulance took him to another hospital, this hospital rejected him out-rightly because of the payment default history from his company. So the ambulance took him to a third hospital where he was admitted , treated and thankfully he survived (to terrorize me another day😁)

A few days later, there was the Ebola outbreak at First Consultant Obalende…we all know the drama that ensued. The thing is, the second hospital that rejected him was First Consultant and if he had been admitted there he may have survived the electrocution but maybe not the Ebola. Even worse, we would have gone to visit him and God forbid…been praying and fasting for a miracle.

The truth is you never know what you avoid by a seeming no. The job didn’t take you, the babe out-rightly rejected you, you missed the investment deal of a century…you never do know what you were saved from with the protection of a rejection.

One thing I have learned is there is no loss for the believer…if it was a no, then there is a ‘better.’ The best is always ahead and never behind. Dust yourself up and take another shot. You never know, this time you might hit, and if you don’t continue until you do😉.

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