Diary of this Single Girl (Part III)

These 10 steps were the longest Amy had ever taken in her life. On the first step, she thought deeply about what Torera said to her. Torera was never the type to speak to her so sternly, so she wondered if there was some measure of truth to what she had said.

Was she caught up with an idea of a perfect man, that no one could fit the bill? She was tempted to look back at Torera still seating at their lunch table, but the greater temptation was to run for the door. Still, she took the next step.

In what seemed like many lifetimes flashing by, her mind went back in time to the time she first met her childhood crush. Elijah. Why did he have to move away? They could have grown up together and been happy just the way they were as kids. Well, it was not Elijah she was walking up to now, it was some random dude whose smirk was almost tearing up his cheeks. She wondered what his name was but then realized there was no need to wonder, she was only a few more steps away from him. With that, she took her third step.

There had been a long list of men that had asked her out since she started growing breasts. If she were to count, she would likely fill a book. Amy wondered why the script was flipped now and why she felt she needed to prove herself to Torera? She put the scenario in context. ‘I will go there say thank you and then will be out of there. Very quick and no room for too much talk.’ Amy thought to herself. It was then she wondered what her breath smelt like. She did a quick tongue swipe of her mouth and swallowed hard, ‘That should do. One step closer,’ she thought.

Amy wanted to be happy. According to her, all she wanted was someone who will wake up every morning and make it a goal to make her happy. This was not too much to ask for. For the next few steps to this stranger, she decided to take time to perfect her greeting. ‘Hello. Thank you for the drink. Enjoy your meal.’ There was no way she was going to say more than that. She knew these types of men who were interested in using their money to buy the attention of women. She had her own money, she did not need his.

Finally, she was two steps away and was gearing up to open her mouth. To her surprise the man stood, his height matching her 5 foot 7 height but his frame extending in what seemed like a protective shell over her. She had rehearsed how this was going to go but in all her mind mapping, he was seated.’Why are you spoiling my plan’ she said to no one but herself. As if he was on a mission to totally shatter it, he brought out his right hand to shake her and spoke.

‘Tunde. Happy to make you happy’

What? Amy was shell-shocked that she didn’t realize when she tripped over her last step and went head first into Tunde’s table. Immediately, Tunde rushed ahead to catch her before she could hit her head and fall. For Amy hitting her head would have been a better outcome because Tunde’s intro had shattered every resistance she had built up not just in the last 10 steps but in all her 30 years.

Written by Ibukun Tunbi

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