Diary of this Single Girl (II)

Written by Ibukun Tunbi

Amy, drove into the parking lot and locked her car behind her. She was a fair plump lady, about 5 feet 7. One thing you could almost always catch Mary in were heels. Anytime of the day, she wore something to elevate her height. Even her fluffy slippers were elevated, a concern her friends had raised. The only time she was not wearing heels were in her sleep and I guess if she could find a way to, she probably would have.

Amy walked down the carpark as another lady met up with her.

“Aahh ahh! Shakara” the lady said

“Look, Torera, if you’ve got it, you should flaunt it” Amy responded

“I hear” Torera responded while they hugged. Torera pointed to a table on the left and they both made their way there. As they walked, 3 men sitting on a nearby table stared at the ladies as they passed.

“Sorry I’m taken” Torera said as she flaunted her ring at them “And she is waiting for Mr Right.”

Amy laughed as they both headed for the table and sat down

“What if he was one of those men?” Amy asked

“My dear, are we talking about your well built, hunky, fresh skinned, African prince?…Eeh, I am positive he is not there” Torera said as she called out to the waiter.

“What if it was one of their cousins?” Amy asked.

“My dear, even if Mr right showed up, you would still say no”

“Torera!” Amy exclaimed

“It’s true. I am only saying the truth.” Torera said

The waiter came to them and handed them menus. Torera looked at hers while Amy continued the conversation with her

“That’s not fair” Amy said

Torera put down the menu and then looked at Amy

“Could you please give us a minute” Torera said to the waiter. Immediately he walked away, so Torera turned to Amy

“My dear, you know your expectations are quite unrealistic, I am only being honest with you.” Torera responded

“So me wanting to be with the perfect person for me is unrealistic?”

“When you use the phrase perfect I worry. No one is perfect-“

“-I know that’s why I added for me” Amy responded.

Torera picked up the menu again and continued to shake her head. Amy wondered what she was not saying and her eyes looked straight at her best friend trying to get her to talk. However, it was not her voice she heard.

“This is from the gentleman over there” the waiter said pointing to a young man sitting at the end of the restaurant enjoying a meal alone.

“Please pour me some” Torera said

“Torera!” Amy exclaimed.

“I am thirsty please” she looked back to the waiter who popped the wine open and filled her glass.

“Cheers to you finding Mr. Perfect” Torera said as she sipped her wine and continued to look at the menu. Amy did not like how Torera was speaking to her however in her attempt to prove Torera wrong, she sprung up form her chair and started walking to the far end of the restaurant.

Torera dropped her glass and dropped her menu as she looked transfixed by her friend.

“This is interesting” she said gasping and reaching for her Iphone to record what was happening across the room.

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