Diary of this Single Girl (Finale)

“Did you hurt yourself?”

The strange man was speaking to Amy but for some reason, her mind was not processing what it was that he was saying.

She could see him clearly and because of how close she was to him, every detail of his face was within view. She could see his wide nose and small lips. The squint in his eyes showing concern and uncertainty at once was also not missed. He was dark and his skin was as clear as a baby’s. He didn’t even have a trace of hair on his chin and she wondered if that was a good thing or not.

Amy struggled with his grip so she could get herself back in an upright position. It was starting to look like a fall was turning into a fight but Tunde’s grip did not release her until every trace of wobbliness was gone.

‘What had just happened,’ Amy wondered. She remembered why she had come over here and started her speech but she couldn’t remember the words, so she turned back to leave the scene. She felt like an animal with its tail between its legs. What she realized as she was about taking her seat was that her seat got pulled out. She looked back and saw Tunde. He had followed her back to her table and was now pulling out her seat for her. Who is this guy and why was he making her uneasy?

He said nothing to her as his smile suggested to her it was safe enough for her to sit. She took her seat quietly watching Torera’s camera follow her every move.

“Thank you for saving my friend” Torera mentioned to Tunde.

“She hasn’t said much since then. I hope she is ok?”

Torera’s obvious glare bore straight at Amy as they communicated clearly her intentions. Amy obeyed.

“I am fine. Thank you.”

“Glad to hear. Do enjoy your meal ladies” Tunde bowed out.

Torera finally put her camera down and was so excited.

“What is wrong with this guy now?” she asked sarcastically.

Amy delved into the appetizer the waiter dropped on the table. She knew she had a few seconds to pretend her mouth was full before she could come up with the next excuse for her best friend. However, Torera waited patiently.

“The fall is a sign”


“I don’t know. It’s just a sign”

“The only sign I think it is is that you can fall in love with…what’s his name?”


“Right. So before he leaves, please do us all a favour and start the process”

Amy was shocked by how Tunde had easily read her mind. He was good-looking too and seemed like someone she could date but all these things scared her. What if it didn’t work again too? She thought about this question for a while and decided on her answer.

“I just remembered I have a meeting for 2:30.” She said as she hurriedly stood and picked her bag with a plastered distressed expression that she was sure Torera did not buy.

She launched toward the door while Torera took her time getting up. After she saw her friend exit the room, she walked to the other end, pulled out a pen cut out tissue paper from the table.

“Her name is Amy. Give her a call” she slid the tissue over to Tunde and walked out.

It was becoming clear to Torera that Amy would keep making excuses to remain single and it was high time she stopped letting her ruin her chances.

Written by Ibukun Tunbi

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