Dear Preggo

Being pregnant for the very first time can come with a cocktail of emotions. And most times first-time mums are completely clueless on the subject of pregnancy. 

Pregnancy is one phase in a woman’s life that she can’t afford to walk into (through) ignorantly. 

The question of visiting the hospital in the first few weeks of pregnancy….has been an age-long question especially for women in Africa, in Nigeria particularly. 

There is this thing about waiting till you are three months gone before registering for antenatal.

It almost feels like the older women think you might jinx your pregnancy if you register too soon (I wonder where they got that from).

I remember having a conversation with a young lady who was about to be a mother for the first time. she was having some problems with her BP very early in pregnancy. I asked if she had registered for antenatal or seen a doctor and she said ‘No.’ When I asked why she said, she went to the medical centre but they turned her back and told her to come back in her 12th week. I really don’t get it!!!…. I was really shocked that a medical centre would do that.

The golden rule still remains that as soon as a woman suspects that she may be pregnant, the first thing should be to book an appointment to visit the hospital, to have a one on one with a doctor/midwife (in some cases). This is the right thing to do.

There are so many things that are checked on your first visit to the hospital (preferably in the first 6 -8 weeks) for example, your medical history, Ectopic pregnancy, Rhesus factor (when a woman with O’positive results is having a baby with an O’negative rhesus) which is responsible for some miscarriages e.t.c. Don’t let me bore you with the medical jargons. 

These checks are absolutely necessary to ensure a successful pregnancy term and delivery.

This takes me back to when I was pregnant with my second baby. I began to suspect I was pregnant in the 5th week. Having been pregnant before I could tell the signs…  so I went for a blood test and a scan and behold I was pregnant and so excited! There was a little ‘but’ though…   from the scan it was observed that the fetus was a little distressed. The doctor advised that I take things easy so I don’t loose the baby. Being the active person that I am, I needed that information.

Bottom-line is this; we cannot over-emphasise the importance of initiating that first contact with the hospital immediately you suspect you are pregnant. No one should advice you otherwise, you could be saving yourself emotional and physical stress more so your life and your baby’s, by that singular decision. 

So If you’re reading this right now and you think you may be pregnant or you know someone who may be and is stalling on taking that step to make that hospital appointment….please make that move. 


Iniobong Adesanya is a graduate of the Lagos State University (LASU). .

From a young age she has always been interested in pregnancy and infants. Over the years her passion for pregnancy has grown.and she started an Instagram page that talks solely about pregnancy(the before, during and after ). She is a wife and a mother to three( 3) beautiful children.

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