Written by Ibukun Tunbi


In a bid to avoid some foreseen traffic on my route, I followed behind another vehicle I thought would help me through my unfamiliar surroundings to a point where I would have no encounter at all with the traffic build-up. As I approached this particular street, I spotted this building that looked all too familiar. I strongly felt this building was the one I usually used to know my point of diversion whenever I came in through my regular route, but logic told me it wasn’t. As I moved closer, I realized that that which looked familiar was actually familiar. Because I was spotting the building from another perspective, logic was unable to fully comprehend that it was the same building I had seen so many times.

From the side of my regular commute, I noted this building as my point of diversion so I could avoid making a longer trip to my shorter stop. Logic reigned over conviction and alas, here I was caught head-on in the traffic I had so vehemently tried to avoid,

Needless to state, I was very mad with myself. I got two lessons though from this one instance.

The first is this. A lot of times, when we pray, things get revealed to us in our spirit regarding our direction and what turns to take in life. However, seeing them from the Spirit is one angle and seeing them from the physical is another angle. Because things get translated differently in both worlds, it would then be easier for us to follow the leading of our Spirit in seeing these things come to play in the physical. This is when they get presented to us as convictions. Because our Spirit knows what it looks like in the physical, it alerts us so we can take the necessary steps or make the needed turns. At the end of the day, it is important to follow the leading of your spirit.

However, haven entered head-on into the traffic, I realized that the car was heating up. Upon further investigation, I got to know there was no more fluid in the radiator and this was the cause of the car’s temperature build-up. Later that night, there was heavy rain coupled with bad traffic on my way home. Even though I had made a bad call, God still used that move to ensure that I did not have to get into a bigger mess of things later in the night.

My conclusion after going through it is this. If I had followed my Spirit, I would have avoided the traffic, true and my spirit may have also alerted me to the little discomforts of the car. Leading me to avoid both instances altogether. However, I did not. But God in his mercy was still committed in keeping me out of trouble. So he used this traffic which I had tried so carefully to avoid, to help me avoid getting stuck in the rain and in bad traffic later that night.

Our first call should always be in following after our spirits. We do not have to make mistakes for us to learn a lesson our spirit would have revealed to us without the drama of the thing. However, whichever way we go, God remains faithful in getting us out of the mess we get ourselves into.

I believe our best choice should be the path of knowledge, rather than experience.

Love over fear.

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