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Presenting yourself in minutes using your CV can be really challenging. I mean, clearly you have the experience and you are capable but then, your CV is still yet to push you to the next stage (interview stage). You probably wonder why. In this article, I will be sharing few tips to make your CV outstanding amongst others.

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Before you write your CV, the first thing you need to think of is what type of job can you do effectively and have passion for?  Take out time to really think of what job role you will do excellently in. 

Don’t be a jack of all trade, master of none because it won’t aid your job search!

Your CV says a lot about who you are:

Yes, just by glancing through your CV, an employer or HR can tell the kind of person you are. Imagine submitting a 7 pages CV with grammatical errors and absent of action words relevant to the job role you are applying for. The grammatical errors tells the recruiter that you do not pay attention to details and the length of the CV only says that you haven’t mastered the art of summarizing. Only add experience relevant to the job role. 

If they need a CSR (Customer Service Relations) personnel, tell them about how well you calmly relate with people including irate customers while adequately providing solutions to their problem.

Avoid the use of nicknames for your email address e.g. Preferably, use your first and last name in creating your email. And oh! make sure there are no mistakes with your personality informations as it is very important.

For the experience section, ensure to start from the most recent (this also applies to your education). Stating the name of the company, your job role, as well as the month and year of employment to resignation. For the newbies, don’t think you have no experience because you definitely do. All you need to do is think hard of events you have planned, helped plan, leadership roles you’ve held in school, Church or any committee that is related to the job role you are applying for (basically, just don’t leave this section empty). And, please don’t copy directly from the internet. Try paraphrasing. For example instead of saying “Handle customer complaints and provide appropriate solutions” as written on the internet, try “meticulously handled customer complaints and painstakingly provided appropriate solutions”.

Also, if you have any professional certification that is useful to the job role, please add it to your CV. It is usually a bonus. And if you don’t have one, try to acquire one or maybe two. There are several free courses online that issue certificates.

Lastly, after writing that beautiful CV, ensure to organise it well. After all, we all love the packaging! So use a clear font size and style and ensure to use 1- 1.5 margin size for your CV. Also, you do not need an image or use of too many colors (preferably, use only black). 


Favour Oluwatosin Akinola popularly known as TosinWrites is a poet and story writer who is gifted in providing readers with creative and educative contents with just the required suspense to keep them going. 

She is currently running her first degree from the University of Lagos, Political science. She is also a Human Resources enthusiast who has worked as a CV writer and Admin officer for a Human Resource Consulting startup. Owner of ‘cakes n chow’, an online cake and pastry shop.

Her social media handles include IG: __TOHSINE and Twitter: Tosinwrites.

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