Best Crystal Glassware For Your Registry

Crystal is known for its clarity, shine, and ability to refract light, which gives it a truly stunning quality that accentuates every drink. It’s no wonder that crystal glassware is a treasured item in many people’s homes. Whether you’re choosing a set of fancy glasses for your registry or gifting them to someone else, they make a brilliant addition to a home—and may even become a cherished family heirloom someday.

As beautiful as it is, crystal glassware is so much more than decorative tableware—these pieces are meant to be used! Crystal glassware comes in many shapes and forms, with options for every drink, style, and occasion. So it’s essential to decide on what you’ll be using it for and narrow it down from there. Looking for cocktail glasses? Think about what kind of cocktails are your favorites. Highballs are great for a variety of drinks, including iced tea and water. But if you’re a gin and tonic lover, you may want to invest in a set of balloon-shaped gin glasses that accentuate the aromas and qualities of the spirit. If wine is your thing, make sure the shape of the bowl complements your vino of choice. And if you’re not all that picky, then go for something versatile— or just plain pretty! 

Read on for the best crystal glassware.

Best Overall: Schott Zwiesel Vervino Red & White Essentials

Schott Zwiesel Vervino Red & White Essentials Set of 6

These glasses hit all the marks— gorgeous, functional, versatile, and built to last. Each was designed with the input of experts, assuring a bowl that accentuates the very best in each wine. This crystal formula incorporates titanium, meaning extra strength and durability that stands the test of time—and the dishwasher. They come in a range of shapes for certain types of wine, stemless, or in a set with a mix of glasses for both red and white wines.

Best Stemless: Riedel Stemless Wine Glasses

Reidel Stemless Wine Glasses

Stemless glasses are trending—and with good reason! These versatile glasses are casual enough for a weeknight glass of vino but chic enough for your next wine and cheese party. We like this set because it brings together timeless quality with modern design—plus, they’re stackable! The more glasses means the more friends you can celebrate with! 

Best Budget: Villeroy and Boch Ovid Red Wine Glasses

Villeroy and Boch Ovid Red Wine Glass, Set of 4

Just because you don’t want to break the bank on a set of wine glasses, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or design. These lightweight glasses are made of premium crystal and have a contemporary, classic design. They come in a range of shapes to suit any type of wine or bubbly—boom!

Best for Gin: Waterford Gin Journeys Elegance Balloon Gin Glasses

Waterford Gin Journeys Elegance Balloon Gin Glasses

If you’re serious about gin, you’ll want a set of glassware that’s perfectly designed to let this liquor sing. While highball glasses are commonly used for things like Gin and Tonics, balloon glasses are better for allowing the spirit to breathe. This set has been designed with the help of experts to better enrich the aromas of the spirits.

Best Variety Set: Baccarat Chateau Degustation Set

Baccarat Chateau Degustation Set

Developed in collaboration with wine expert Bruno Quenioux, this set is ideal for the novice or wine enthusiast alike. It comes complete with two wine glasses, a champagne flute, and a goblet so you can enjoy a range of libations!

Best Cut Crystal: Orrefors Prelude Stemware Collection

Orrefors Prelude Stemware Collection from Bloomingdale's

Looking for cut crystal glassware that doesn’t feel too grandma? These glasses are a great option. With a subtle, delicate design at the base, they’re traditional enough for a formal table setting but contemporary enough to feel au courant.

Best Flutes: Waterford Lismore Diamond Toasting Flutes

A crisp glass of bubbly is the ultimate way to celebrate the finer things in life— and these sleek and sophisticated champagne flutes are the perfect way to do it! Crafted in Ireland by the world-renowned crystal maker Waterford, these gorgeous flutes are meant for special occasions (although nobody is stopping you from bringing them out for a regular Friday date night). Cheers to that!

Culled from by Elizabeth Maclennan

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