Attractive Colours For Men

To have an attractive appearance and outfit, do not neglect the colours!

Today, people pay a lot of attention to the type of clothing and the colour combination of the clothes they are going to wear.

Everyone chooses their clothes with any design, shape and color they want.  But to have an attractive outfit, it is necessary to pay attention to a few points.

Factors such as skin color and different seasons have different effects on the choice of clothing colour.

Guys, if you are one of those people who are very sensitive to your style and would like to take full advantage of its charm, stay with me until the end!

Skin Colour for Any Outfit

The first step in choosing the right color for your outfit is to pay attention to the colour of your skin.  Because it gives you a better understanding of your face.

Skin color is usually divided into 5 types:

 1. Very light skin:

This type of skin has a cool skin colour tonnage and therefore can easily get sunburn in the sun. These skins have freckles.

 2. White skin:

This type of skin has a cool colour tonnage and the blue colour of the veins under the eyes is visible. This skin type has very little or no pigment.

 3. Wheat skin:

This type of skin has a medium colour tonality and rarely burns in the sun.

 4. Dark skin:

These skin types have a warm colour tonnage between yellow, green and slightly brown.  People with this skin color usually have dark hair and rarely burn in the sun and are tanned.

 5. Black skin:

This type of skin has a very warm colour tonnage, it is the darkest skin color among all skin types.

Skin color tonnage

Skin color tonnage is called skin background colour. So skin tonnage is different from skin color.

In fact, the factor that makes a colour come to us or not, is the background color of our skin, that is, the tonnage colour of our skin.

In principle, skin tonnage is divided into three categories:
Cool tonnage
Warm tonnage
Neutral tonnage

The method of diagnosis is to look at the internal arteries of the wrist in the sun.
If the veins were blue and purple, the tonnage is cool.
For green veins, skin tonnage is warm.
Finally, if the veins are colored between blue, green, and purple, your skin tone tonality is neutral.

image of a blood vessel test to detect skin tonnage color

Suitable colors for skin tonnage

A specific colour is suitable for each skin tonnage. So if you pay attention to it, you can choose clothes in a color that suits your skin. And shine in public.

Warm skin tones

Suitable colours for this skin tone are red, peach, orange, amber, gold and yellow. You can also try olive green, purple and purple-red. Neutral colors include brownish gray, cappuccino, and cream.

Cool skin tones

The best skin tones for this skin tone are light blue, emerald and dark purple. Of course, you can also see it well in the colours of lavender, ice blue and pink.

Also, ruby, bright red or pale yellow colours will make you more beautiful. You can also choose gray, white and navy blue for neutral colours.

Neutral skin tones

Usually any colour is beautiful for this skin tone. But using dark colors is better than using light colors.

Also, dirty pink, jade green, yellow and blue colors and neutral colours such as cream, gray and black will make you more beautiful.

Generally, If your skin tone is warm, It is better to go for yellow, orange, brown and red colours. If your skin tone is cool, wear blue, green, pink, purple, and bright red or red with a combination of blue.

four people with different skin colors around a table

Season Colour for Different Outfit

The second step in choosing the right colour for your outfit is to pay attention to the season you are in. If you want to be fashionable and give a little variety to your appearance, learn the trick of being fashionable and observing the appropriate colors in each season.

These are types of outfit for guys:

Suitable colours to wear in spring for men’s outfit

In the spring, with the change of nature and spring climate, stop wearing dark clothes. And use accessories with bright colours. Suitable spring colors for your outfit include:

 Use green colour:

Wearing a green dress matches the greenness and freshness of spring, you can easily set it with other colours, from yellow or red based colors to white! It is also possible to use blue jeans. To make your green clothes stand out, you can set it with complementary green colors such as red and blue.

a boy in a green outfit

 Use purple color:

One of the most popular colours in spring is purple, due to the variety and tonnage of dark and light colors.  But be careful not to wear too much purple. To reduce the intensity of the purple color, set your clothes with neutral colours such as gray, blue, beige and black.

a boy in a purple outfit

 Use yellow colour:

If you want the looks to be on you, wear yellow. Yellow is a positive, vibrant, warm and energetic color and you can wear neutral colors next to it. You can use yellow with its complement such as purple.  This color along with green and blue is also very stunning.

a boy in a yellow outfit

 Use pink color:

Pink is not a feminist color and you can use pink clothes to change your appearance. For friendly occasions, you can wear a dirty pink dress and set it with olive green or cream colors or even blue jeans. Different tonnages of pink color are suitable for dark skin.

a boy in a pink outfit

 Use red color:

Red is a very energetic and powerful color and is a good alternative for when you do not want to wear yellow. Red looks good with both dark and light colors, so don’t worry about setting it with what color. You can use red with cream or black for formal occasions.

a boy in a red outfit

Suitable colors to wear in summer for men’s outfit

In most countries, summer is a hot season to the point that it is unbearable. Wearing dark clothes also absorbs this heat more. Suitable summer colours for your outfit include:

 Try blue color:

Wearing a blue shirt gives a special charm to your style. It is very suitable to pair this shirt with cream pants. If you hate light coloured pants and are not willing to wear cream colored pants, you can choose a pair of navy blue pants. But choose a light shade so that it does not absorb heat.

a boy in a blue outfit

 Try pink color:

One of the most suitable styles for this season is to wear a pink shirt with cream or white pants. You can use darker shoes and belts to make your style more attractive.

a boy in a pink outfit

 Try yellow color:

Using yellow for a shirt and navy blue for pants can create a fantastic style. Yellow is very energetic and joyful. In addition to navy pants, you can also use jeans.

a boy in a yellow T-shirt

 Try gray color:

You can use a gray striped shirt or checkered gray with denim shorts. You can use light colored jeans or fabric such as olive green or yellow to make this summer style more formal.

a boy in a gray outfit

 Try white color:

One of the most used colors in summer is white. This color is the most suitable color for your summer style. You can use colored linen pants or jeans with it.

a boy in a white shirt

Suitable colors to wear in autumn for men’s outfit

Autumn is the beginning of cold and rainy weather. Wearing clothes with darker colors absorbs heat. Suitable colors for autumn for your outfit include:

 Use mustard color:

Using this color for your sweater, jacket and coat goes well with great neutral colors. If you use darker colors such as black and dark brown, your style will be more beautiful.

a boy in a mustard outfit

 Use copper color:

This color is very suitable and widely used for cold seasons. This color is very suitable with colors such as gray, white, black, cream and even blue.

a boy in a copper outfit

 Use ruby ​​color:

This colour is energetic and warm, so it is very suitable for cold seasons. It is suitable to use neutral colours such as black, gray, white along with ruby ​​colour. If you want to make your style more exciting, you can use its complementary colour, dark green.

a boy in a ruby outfit

 Use green color:

This colour is a good complement to ruby ​​colour. Green is a popular colour for men in the cold season. By combining this color with black, white, gray and especially dark blue, you can create a beautiful style for yourself.

a boy in a green outfit

 Use cream color:

Cream colour is one of the colours that never goes out of fashion. Because it is one of those colours that you can match with any colour you like. Avoid having a monochrome style of cream because it causes boredom.

a boy in a cream hoodie

Suitable colors to wear in winter for men’s outfit

The beginning of winter means the beginning of colder weather. Storing heat with the dark colour of your clothes can be a great help to you. The use of accessories such as hats, scarves and gloves gives a special beauty to your style. Suitable winter colours for your outfit include:

 Try red color:

Red is a widely used color in winter clothing. Combining this colour with navy, gray, white and black creates a beautiful style.

a boy in a red hoodie

 Try purple color:

To have a simple winter style, purple is very suitable. You can combine this colour with dark purple, black and navy.

a boy in a purple outfit

 Try camel color:

This color is the most popular colour among winter colours. Its combination with black, white and navy blue is very popular and suitable.

a boy in a camel coat

 Try blue-gray color:

This colour is like a cloudy and rainy winter sky. The combination of this popular colour with black and white is also very useful.

a boy in a blue-gray outfit

 Try olive green color:

Choosing this color in your cover is very compatible for cold seasons such as winter. Combining this colour with yellow, brown, purple, black, white and different tones of green color will create a stunning style for you.

a boy in a olive green outfit

The colors that women like for men

Many polls have been conducted to find out what colour women like for men. Finally, it was found that women prefer colours that reflect the power, social status and intelligence of men.

These colours include black (indicates confidence), purple (indicates intelligence), red (indicates love), blue (indicates calm) and white (indicates social status).

picture of a woman in a red and black plaid shirt holding a man in a green shirt and black hat


Guys, as you can see, by paying attention to the appropriate colours of each season and each skin colour, you can make your style special and unique. With a little creativity and putting together the right colours, you can catch the eye!

What other colours do you use as a gentleman?

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